public appearance is everything…

my first full day in paris also happened to be my birthday – the second one i’ve spent in paris while traveling solo…i got started a little later than i’d hoped as i was still trying to kick the jet-lag (taking longer than i hoped as i’m still not quite there) but i managed to roll out of bed in time to head down to coquelicot (a highly recommended bakery in montmartre, where i’m staying) for a vegetarian quiche and a chocolate croissant…i took the pair to the top of sacre couer and while quiche has been historically hit or miss for my taste buds, this one was epic in its deliciousness…i then scarfed down the chocolate croissant which was exactly as wonderful as i’d hoped, but my thirty-year-old stomach immediately told me, “if you do this everyday, i’ll kill you.” – this was sad because i was hoping to eat a croissant a day while i’m here…

last week my mother insisted that i find a fountain to throw some change into on my birthday and, of course, i obliged…she did however insist that this year she was going to make my wish for me…so i found the fountain in sacre couer and tossed a few coins into it over my shoulder and will now hope for the best…my mom’s a pretty good wisher and i’m fairly certain i know what she’s asking for…

the weather in paris is hot, but very manageable, especially compared to the oven of nyc that i’ve gotten used to…after wandering around the streets of montmartre for a few hours – people watching, mostly – i headed down to La Glazart – a neat little music venue in between the 18th + 19th arrondissement that’s essentially a homemade beach with a bar and a stage…it was quaint and very chill and i checked out a couple of bands – little trouble kids  and venera 4 – both were good… the former a very fun indie rock duo that at times reminded me of the white stripes, architecture in helsinki and mates of state and the latter a dense, shoe-gazing pop mess a la ride, my bloody valentine and the like…both were way more than competent and little trouble kids were really fun live…

today, i managed to get up a bit earlier, went for a run in the neighborhood and then went out to hunt for some falafel (more on that later)…right now, i’m relaxing with the windows open and about to pick up my uke to do some writing…pretty great way to kick off year thirty…

ooxx aa


One thought on “public appearance is everything…

  1. Arun, I’m irrationally overexcited about reading your posts on here. It probably has something to do with my infatuation with Paris and me wishing I could go back for another visit. It also probably has something to do with the pleasure of being able to peek into your parisien episodes, and living vicariously through your adventures. Amusez-vous! (My French is so rusty now…)

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