high speed service trays…

if you’d like to know where all the great south indian food is in paris, here is a handy little map…the walking directions features on hopstop/google apps are super convenient…although, i find that that the streets in paris are such a wonderful mess that i end up getting slightly lost no matter what…

my walk to khrisna bhavan

my walk to khrisna bhavan

after lunch, i wound up back at the apartment for a couple of hours and demoed a new song on my iphone…which has become really useful for the purposes of putting ideas down quickly…especially because i tend to forget them fairly quickly…

i took a quick shower and then took the metro to the Sentier stop to meet a new friend that i’d met through some online travel community…she was an indian american (from minnesota) who’d been living in paris for the last eight years…she’d recently built a new online fashion business here that is apparently doing quite well…we chatted a lot about traveling as we’d both done plenty of it…as well as falling into an interesting diaspora of being indian american immigrants…we grabbed dinner and a few drinks and had pretty conversation for a few hours…though it definitely got a little dicey when she told me she thought standardized tests were a good idea…but it’s always good to have to think about another side of the argument…i suppose…

i’m very grateful to have had parents that raised me in an indian household – with a lot of traditional elements…but always allowed me to enjoy the benefits of living the united states…especially when it must have been hard or awkward or at times just frightening for them…(you know, like when i was listening to modest mouse really loudly when i was 15 or was having punk/indie rock shows in our basement)…

i can not imagine the courage it must take to uproot yourself, leave your family behind and hop on a plane to another country, thousands of miles away with your two young children…i spoke to my amma on the phone at length the other night when i was still jet-lagged and unable to sleep…she articulated how happy she was that my sister and i have the freedom and resources to travel and explore the world on our terms…

on that note, i am about to head down to maison europeene de la photographie as it’s free on wednesday evenings…scott’s going to meet me there and i will hopefully scarf down another falafel sandwich while i’m there..

ooxx aa




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